How do I change color of a text in a given subplot?

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I have a given figure which contains 2 subplots. the first subplot has a text on it. I want to change the text color and size using set/get parent/children commands... I already have the handle to the line in the top subplot(which is the first subplot as well). how can I do that? Is 'text' a parent or a child off the line in the top figure?

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sixwwwwww on 7 Dec 2013
Edited: sixwwwwww on 7 Dec 2013
you can change text color as follow:
x = -pi:.1:pi;
y = sin(x);
text(-pi/4, sin(-pi/4), '\leftarrow sin(-\pi\div4)', 'HorizontalAlignment','left', 'Color', 'r')
Or if you wanted to use set command then you can do it as follow:
h = text(-pi/4, sin(-pi/4), '\leftarrow sin(-\pi\div4)', 'HorizontalAlignment','left');
set(h, 'Color',[1, 0 ,0])
ilona on 7 Dec 2013
there is just a text in the middle of the 1st graph... its not a title or axis lable! and I only have the handle to the line in the top subplot so I need to find the handle for the text object(also located in the top subplot) and change it, this is my main problam actually... I don't now even if a text object is a child/parent... and how to access its handle
thank you for your help :)

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