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D on 5 Jul 2011
Hello, I have modified the car tracking software below to track all blobs, or at least this is my goal. However, I am having trouble. Here is the loop I am working in, it will look familiar to some:
for k = 1 : nframes
singleFrame = read(bwStack, k);
% Convert to grayscale to do morphological processing.
I = rgb2gray(singleFrame);
% Remove dark objs.
noDarkValues = imextendedmax(I, threshValue);
% Remove lane markings and other non-disk shaped structures.
noSmallStructures = imopen(noDarkValues, sedisk);
% Remove small structures.
noSmallStructures = bwareaopen(noSmallStructures, 10);
noSmallStructures = bwlabeln(noSmallStructures);
% Get the area and centroid of each remaining object in the frame. The
% object with the largest area is the light-colored object. Create a copy
% of the original frame and tag the object by changing the centroid pixel
% value to red.
taggedObjs(:,:,:,k) = singleFrame;
stats = regionprops(noSmallStructures,'Centroid','Area','PixelIdxList','PixelList');
if ~isempty([stats.Area])
areaArray = [stats.Area];
[junk,idx] = max(areaArray);
c = stats(idx).Centroid;
c = floor(fliplr(c));
width = 2;
row = c(1)-width:c(1)+width;
col = c(2)-width:c(2)+width;
taggedObjs(row,col,1,k) = 255;
taggedObjs(row,col,2,k) = 0;
taggedObjs(row,col,3,k) = 0;
The last part (the if loop) is where I am having trouble. I need to replace the "finding the largest area and plot that centroid" with find all centroids over a certain threshold
And then plot all of the centroids which make it past the threshold instead of having merely one centroid per frame. In addition, is there a easy way to add color labels to all of these objects?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Dec 2011
There is no such thing as an if loop.

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