how to compute correlation coeffcient?

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Aidy on 11 Dec 2013
Commented: Aidy on 11 Dec 2013
I have 2 vectors A and B
A=[0.0252653330054456 0.0252653330054481 0.0252653330347238 0.0252656701005406]
B=[1.83588753363655 1.83588753363655 1.83588753363753 1.83588754495825]
I want to get a similarity value between 0 and 1, using a correlation coefficient. Is their any function in Matlab to get it?

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 11 Dec 2013
docsearch correlation
turns up the corrcoef() function as the first hit.
doc corrcoef
for details on this function, to see if it does what you need.
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Aidy on 11 Dec 2013
no, the pearson corr eoeff gives between -1 and 1, not 0 and 1. And of course, I looked at the doc.

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