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Plot the streamlines and pressure for flow around a rotating cylinder

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r0=1,U=1,p=1,0<theta<2pi,r0<r<3r0, generate gamma=0, gamma=-2pir0U.
LAMBDA = 1.; Pinf = 1.; U = 1.;
th = linspace(0,2*pi,100); r = linspace(0.1,1,100); [TH,R] = meshgrid(th,r); [X,Y] = pol2cart(TH,R);
PSI = -LAMBDA.*sin(TH)./R; VR = -LAMBDA./(R.^2).*cos(TH); VTH = -LAMBDA./(R.^2).*sin(TH); P = Pinf + U^2/2 - (VR.^2 + VTH.^2)/2;
figure contourf(X,Y,P,20,'LineColor','none'); hold on; contour(X,Y,PSI,20,'-k.','LineWidth',1); axis equal; xlabel('X'); ylabel('Y');

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Simon il 13 Dic 2013
Please use the code formatting for pasting code, thanks!
And what is the question? What did you do? Where does the code come from? What does it calculate?


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