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stem-plot difference of equations

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Tony il 24 Dic 2013
Chiuso: Walter Roberson il 24 Dic 2013
Here is the question
Find numerically and stem-plot the solutions of the difference equations [1<=k<=10]
a. y(k+1) - 3*k*y(k) = 0
b. y(y+1) - k*y(k) = 1
assume that y(1)=1
not sure if i am looking at this properly but here is what i was thinking. a and b do not have the same y values after 1 since in order to get 0 for the first one y(2) needs to be 3 while for equation b y(2) needs to be 2. So solve them differently and then plot? i am not sure which would be my x and y for stem plot as well. This looks simple but its confusing me not sure if am over thinking. I am not sure if its suppose to be answered separate or together
Thank you for your time

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