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How do we get classic menus back?

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Cecil Binks
Cecil Binks il 27 Dic 2013
Commentato: jan schnupp il 10 Set 2021
Sure I can minimize the tool strip, but it doesn't spell out a bunch of functionalilty easy to find in the old menu bar.
Ribbons may be fine for selling Windows into elementary school, but Matlab is for professionals, not for kids learning to tweet and update their timeline.
And how is this "better"? Yes that's a rhetorical question... What a UI disaster.
So I have to write my request on the back of a $20 bill and mail it to MatLab Plaza? ;^))
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jan schnupp
jan schnupp il 10 Set 2021
I feel your pain. One more reason to switch to python as soon as possible.

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Serge il 30 Lug 2018
Modificato: Serge il 30 Lug 2018
Ribbons are a waste of space, especially on a laptop screen. By using the quick access toolbar and lots of hacking you can replace:
with this:
Note: there is still lots of wasted space, but its much better. Hacking is required because there is no way to add figure buttons to quick access. You have to mimic figure buttons using favorite commands with custom icons and code such as:
if strcmpi(get(zoom,'Direction'),'out')
disp('zoom in: on')
elseif strcmpi(get(zoom,'Direction'),'in')
if strcmpi(get(zoom,'Enable'),'off')
disp('zoom in: on')
disp('zoom in: off')
Transferring these customization to another computer is a nightmare... Lets hope R2035 will be better.

Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek il 27 Dic 2013
The only way is to downgrade your Matlab to R2012a


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