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Finding the maximum of rows

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med-sweng on 1 Jan 2014
Say that we have the following matrix:
I=[3 4; 5 3; 6 3; 7 4];
If we want to find the maximum value in each row, we can do the following:
For m, how do we read this? How is the statement interpreted? What should we do if we want to find the maxim of the columns?
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Jonathan Timberlake
Jonathan Timberlake on 16 Sep 2021
HI how would you take the max of every other row?

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Answers (2)

Wayne King
Wayne King on 1 Jan 2014
Edited: Wayne King on 1 Jan 2014
[m,idx] = max(I,[],2);
m gives you the maximum value in each row and idx gives you the column in which it occurs. I used this in my other response to you about fcm()
To find the maximum of the columns, just operate along the rows
[m,idx] = max(I,[],1);
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Jan 2014
max(A) means the maximum of A column-wise
max(A,B) means the maximum element-by-element of A(I,J) vs B(I,J)
max(A,[],k) means the maximum of A along the k'th dimension. You need the [] as a place-holder so that MATLAB does not confuse this with max(A,B)

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Ariunbolor Purvee
Ariunbolor Purvee on 6 Aug 2020
Edited: Ariunbolor Purvee on 6 Aug 2020
absDiff=[1 2 3; 4 5 6; 7 8 9; 9 10 12];
MaxMinAveRow= MaxMinAveOfRow(absDiff);
function MaxMinAveRow= MaxMinAveOfRow(absDiff)
for i=1:n
maxRow(i)=sum+max(absDiff(i,:));% max of row
minRow(i)=sum+min(absDiff(i,:));% min of row
aveRow(i)=sum+mean(absDiff(i,:));% average of row
MaxMinAveRow=[ maxRow,minRow, aveRow ];
Result on Command Window
MaxMinAveRow =
3.0000 1.0000 2.0000
6.0000 4.0000 5.0000
9.0000 7.0000 8.0000
12.0000 9.0000 10.3333


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