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uitable - how to change the font name for headings

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Iman il 2 Gen 2014
Modificato: Lawrence il 19 Ago 2022
Hi everyone,
I am using "uitable" to show the final output in a table format. I can change all settings for the cells (fonts, colors, etc.) using uitable properties but I couldn't figure out how to change the settings for the headings. More specifically, I wanted to change the font for rows' headings but I couldn't. I used the following command
row_heading{i} = ['<html><br><font face="Comic Sans MS">' sprintf('%c',rnames{i}) '</font></br></html>'];
It worked, but the names occupies the whole table. I mean the cells are not visible anymore. Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.
Thanks, Iman

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Steven Hall
Steven Hall il 8 Mag 2014
Same here, this is actually what brought me into the forum.
Am I correct in thinking that this did not solve your issues either:
If someone can offer a solution/work round, very grateful to folks.

Lawrence il 18 Ago 2022
Modificato: Lawrence il 19 Ago 2022
You can add a size attribute to the font tag: <font face="Comic Sans MS" size=5>
Alternatively, you can add a font-size style to the font tag: <font face="Comic Sans MS" style="font-size: 25px;">


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