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build standalone application running in Raspberry Pi?

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Hi all I'm new in using Simulink model to build an application that run in Raspberry Pi. I have a question that can I build a standalone application with the board: means that I build a Simulink model in matlab, load into the board, stop Matlab and plug out the connection with the computer. Does the program that has been loaded in the board can work alone without matlab? Thank for any help :)
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Shekhar patil
Shekhar patil il 12 Giu 2020
Hi Guys,
I have a similiar question as mentioned above, but the only problem is I want to deploy a machine learning algorithm on raspberry pi3. Can it be done using MATLAB compiler? your suggestions will be helpful.
Prasanth Sunkara
Prasanth Sunkara il 8 Ott 2020
Simulink deployed models are stored in raspberrypi at "MATLAB_ws" folder. Please see this doc page to know more about it.
The generated executables would be of ".elf" extension.
From R2020b, you can monitor and control the running status of your models easily with a simple app. To know where the elf is actually stored and optionally read the log files for any errors, please use the "Raspberry Pi Resource Monitor App"

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Murat Belge
Murat Belge il 25 Feb 2014
Yes. The Simulink model is converted to an executable that runs on the Raspberry Pi board. Typically, the executable is saved in "/home/pi/<Simulink model name>/MW directory. The name of the executable is the same as the Simulink model name. You can run this executable any time after compiling your Simulink model once.
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Abhishek Kekud
Abhishek Kekud il 15 Feb 2018
@Piro, did you find how to stop a running simulink model? I know ctrl+c is one option. But looking out for a better option to stop the running model.
Anuj Patil
Anuj Patil il 28 Giu 2018
I cant find the command used to execute the file.There are over 20 files in that directory.And once its executed and running,how to watch the results of the Computer Vision model I had uploaded?

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fatima il 21 Apr 2017
Hi everyone. I'm facing the same problem. I build a model in matlab; it loads successfully on raspberry pi 3 board and runs OK. My model simply sends an array of uint8 over UDP to a server. I found the project in /home/pi/[ProjectName]_ert_rtw and I was even able to build it again in linux (by renaming the "[ProjectName].mk" file to "Makefile" and "make all" command). However the "[ProjectName].elf" file is not doing the task it's supposed to do (Not before nor after rebuilding in linux). I took a look inside the c files of project and I found out that the executable file accepts some input arguments. I saw that my server IP address was set in one of the c files, but I gave it as input to executable too (Something like this: [ProjectName].elf -hostname [ServerIP] -port [MyPort] -protocol UDP). In my sever, if I send something back, I see that the running code indicated that it received an invalid packet, and sometimes it sends back some gibberish to server too.
I think that some part of the code is running, but it needs something as input argument to tell it to use constant parameters and run the main task.
Any body facing this problem? Any idea to solve the problem would be appreciated.
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fatima il 21 Apr 2017
My bad! I found my problem. I used the Run button to deploy the model on the board. It created the executable file. I tried to run that file and it did not work. To create the standalone executable, "Deploy to Hardware" button is used. It creates the executable file with the same name. That file is running OK and does all the job! I hope it can help anyone else that was confused like me.
Thanh Ngo
Thanh Ngo il 9 Set 2019
Hi, Could you share how to send and receive data between 2 Pi using Simulink? I am currently doing the project of multirobot cooperates using raspberri pi to communicate and arduino for speed control. I Have problem with communication between 2 Pi in Simulink.

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Mirko il 23 Mag 2014
Hello, I created a model in simulink and I find the files in the directory MW, but I can not get it running independently. If I launch the simulink model to work properly. What is the right command to give Linux to run the model?
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Ahmed Desoky
Ahmed Desoky il 7 Mar 2016
"VCOpll ", I am facing the same problem that faced you. Did you solve this problem?
Igor Potocnik
Igor Potocnik il 10 Ago 2016
As far as I can see your model is running on RPi but it doesn't have the code that you expected it to have. Namely, MATLAB Function block (I guess that is the one you were using) doesn't support all the functions you can imagine. With other words: in the phase of compilation Simulink Coder doesn't generate code for those functions. Consult the documentation about that (I would start with MATLAB Function block).

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Mirko il 25 Mag 2014
Hi, I solved by putting a line in / etc / crontab file that launches the program start automatically

Basava Chetan
Basava Chetan il 12 Gen 2017
How to bulid digital hearing aid using raspberry pi 3?

Dudi Rendusara
Dudi Rendusara il 4 Ott 2017
Hi I am experiencing the same problem. What is the extension for the executable it generates? Is it the model_name.elf file? Too bad Mathworks does not provide detailed explanation on how to run simulink model independently in raspberry pi.

Antonio  Ofogo
Antonio Ofogo il 24 Mag 2022
Hi there. I'm working on a space detection project in a parking lot, I wrote a matlab code to do it and it works perfectly on my machine but it is supposed to be deployed on Raspberry Pi 3, how do I do it please?


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