How can I write data from workspace in *.html file

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Daivaraj P
Daivaraj P il 24 Gen 2014
Modificato: Stephen23 il 3 Ago 2018
a = 'Hello World';
fid = fopen('file_1.txt','w');
In the above program, instead of writing in .txt file I want to write in .html file.
Suggest me how to achieve this.

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Robert il 2 Ago 2018
What's wrong with simply replacing .txt by .html?
a = 'Hello World';
fid = fopen('file_1.html','w');
This works for me.
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Stephen23 il 2 Ago 2018
Modificato: Stephen23 il 3 Ago 2018
A text file containing only Hello World is not a valid HTML document according to the HTML5 specification. It is not clear if the original questioner just wanted a text file with the extension .html (not valid HTML, as this answer gives) or an actual valid HTML file. Check HTML file validity here:
"Smallest" valid HTML files are easy to find on the interweb.

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