ODE23/45 for 2-dimensional solution and alternatives?

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Chien-Chia Huang
Chien-Chia Huang on 28 Jan 2014
Commented: Chien-Chia Huang on 29 Jan 2014
Hello there,
Per the help document for ODE23/45, there is no way to get a 2-element solution even if I input tspan which has only 2 points (my tspan is like 1+1/500:1/500:1+2/500). So my question is if
1. I can enforce ODE solvers to yield such solutions or
2. is there any alternative ODE routine that I can use to get my things working?
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Chien-Chia Huang
Chien-Chia Huang on 29 Jan 2014
The problem can be resolved by using the information T.
Let's say we have [T,Y] = ode45(myode,tspan,y0) and tspan has only two elements, e.g. tspan = [a,b]. Then, to get a 2-dimensional solution for ODE23/45, we write
Y = Y(abs(T-a)<0.0001 | abs(T-b)<0.0001)
which would result in a 2-dimensional solution as desired.

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