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How to use SISO Design tool for a simulink model?

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Hi everyone,
I am a newbie to control systems toolbox. I would like to design a controller for a plant model, I have developed in Simulink using the SISO design toolbox. I couldn't figure out how to connect the design tool and simulink model as shown in the dc motor control example (t= 1:50). Based on the bits and pieces of info, that I could find in the internet, I am assuming that, it can be done by extracting the model into MATLAB, and then by providing the system data in CETM. Please let me know, if I am on the right path or not? If yes, how do I do the latter part. If not, please let me know the correct method.
Any kind of help is appreciated.
Thanks and Regards, Karthik

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Ryan G
Ryan G il 7 Feb 2014
If you're using R2012b or later, in Simulink go to
analysis -> Control Design -> Control System Designer. It's a big more advanced than SISO tool as it hooks into Simulink and allows you to modify blocks in the model. It has a similar layout and functionality shown in that video.

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