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Phase difference between two random signals (photos attached)

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The two signals are shown in red and blue. Is there any ready-made command for the same? Or a MATLAB code is necessary?
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Wayne King
Wayne King il 12 Feb 2014
Can you be more precise about what you are trying to do. The blue signal lines up exactly with the red signal on large peaks. It almost looks like the blue signal is the result of a wavelet denoising of the red signal. Not sure what you mean here by the phased difference.
Deepayan Bhadra
Deepayan Bhadra il 13 Feb 2014
Hello Wayne,
As you rightly said, the blue line is the filtered version (2nd order Butterworth low pass) of a noisy aircraft signal. I suppose the filter adds some amount of lag to the output (If you zoom in closely, you can see that there does exist minor phase lags). I'm trying to find the phase lag.

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