in polyspace why pointers assignation fails

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if I have this code : u8MyArray[10]; u8 * pu8FirstPointer; u8 * pu8Data; u8 u8Index; pu8FirstPointer = u8MyArray; while( u8Index <10) { *pu8FirstPointer = *pu8Data; pu8FirstPointer ++ ; pu8Data++; }
this code is supposed to copy the data to the array but polyspace doesn't get it ,why?

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Christian Bard
Christian Bard on 17 Feb 2014
With the following code, and with default options, Polyspace Code Prover (release R2013b) "got" it:
typedef unsigned char u8;
u8 u8Dest[10];
u8 u8Source[10];
void foo(void)
u8 * pu8FirstPointer;
u8 * pu8Data;
u8 u8Index = 0;
pu8FirstPointer = u8Dest;
pu8Data = u8Source;
while( u8Index <10) {
*pu8FirstPointer = *pu8Data;
pu8FirstPointer ++ ;
So, would you please, contact with options used, realease and some explanation about what do you mean by "Polyspace doesn't get it".

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