.Net Object not displaying properties or methods

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Faraz il 21 Feb 2014
I have a .dll file and I need for it to work in matlab. (The dll file was created by C# and I have the code for it as well)
Following the online tutorial on mathworks, I found out that the following command will load up the dll file in Matlab and make its classes available for use "in Matlab". But it does not appear to be working. I used this to load up the file:
color = NET.addAssembly('c:\path\to\file\EvolutionMapsClassLib.dll');
It load up fine and I see a 1 x 1 .net assemble object in my workspace.. When I type ``color`` I get the following result:
color =
NET.Assembly handle
Package: NET
Properties for class NET.Assembly:
So apparently it has loaded up properly, furthermore typing ``color.Classes`` gives the following:
>> color.Classes
ans =
That appears to be working well, but according to the online help, in order to interact with these classes I need to know the methods and properties.
this is where I am having problems, as neither ``properties`` nor ``methods`` seem to work. I tried every variation to get the properties or the methods list but I keep getting this error:
>> properties color.EvolutionMaps.ColorMap
No properties for class color.EvolutionMaps.ColorMap or no class color.EvolutionMaps.ColorMap.
>> properties color.Classes.EvolutionMaps.ColorMap
No properties for class color.Classes.EvolutionMaps.ColorMap or no class color.Classes.EvolutionMaps.ColorMap.
>> properties Classes.EvolutionMaps.ColorMap
No properties for class Classes.EvolutionMaps.ColorMap or no class Classes.EvolutionMaps.ColorMap.
Same is the case with ``methods``, I keep getting this error:
>> methods color
No methods for class color or no class color.
Where as when I open the source code for this dll it shows all the methods and properties as can be seen from this screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/zlhLm8b.png
So how can I make the .Net file work without it displaying properties or methods?
Thank you
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Christopher McClellan
Christopher McClellan il 12 Mag 2016
Did you ever solve this? I'm having the same issue. I can create a "dummy" library that I CAN call from Matlab, but I'm having the same problem you are with the real library that I need to call.
Christopher McClellan
Christopher McClellan il 13 Mag 2016
Never-mind. I had a typo in the namespace of my class library. That was a terribly embarrassing time suck...

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Robert Snoeberger
Robert Snoeberger il 13 Mag 2016
Based on the result of color.Classes, the class name is EvolutionMaps.ColorMap. The correct way to call properties is,
properties EvolutionMaps.ColorMap

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