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Distorted GUI when accessing it remotely

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I have guild a GUI using the GUIDE tool in matlab. It is working and looking perfectly when I am running it on my desktop, but when I remote access to the desktop, the font of the label of the objects are doubled. Though the functionality of the GUI is not disturbed, it is not comprehensible easily because of the distrotion.
This is the first time I have designed a GUI, so I dont know whether this is a general problem that occurs with GUI designing or is specific to remote accessing the GUI in matlab.
Any advice is much appreciated.

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divya r
divya r il 3 Apr 2014
For anyone who is interested, I think the problem was due to the difference in the screen size when I was remotely running it on my laptop.
After I changed the dimentions of the objects on the GUI and made it smaller, it is looking perfect even on running it remotely.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 30 Mar 2014
Are all the units of all the controls set to normalized? If so, then that's just the way it is sometimes. I think it's due to various video adapter settings on the two computers. You could try to match up things like "large fonts" or "Small Fonts" and "Screen Resolution" to get them as close as possible. Even then it seems like different video adapter manufacturers could cause slightly different sizes of things.
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divya r
divya r il 30 Mar 2014
What do you mean by normalized units of controls set?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 3 Apr 2014
Each control has a units property. Make sure they are set to normalized so the buttons and listboxes and things will be the same fraction of the screen no matter what resolution the computer is using.

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