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problem with inputting function handle without using a separate function file

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Hi Ive wrote a function called T with inputs f,a,b,n. im not having problems with the a,b,n input values but when i try to input the function handle f the T function prints an error the only way i can stop this is to put the function handle f in a separate function file and us commands like this T(@f,a,b,n) but id like to write T(x,a,b,n) for the function x, how can i do this? thanks

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Robert il 15 Apr 2014
that form works, thank you so much!!!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 15 Apr 2014
f = @(x) sin(x);
T(f, a, b, n)
If this form does not work then please show your error messages.


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