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How to use "hold on" for multiple datasets on the same graph?

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I am trying to plot 5 different datasets for 3 patients (15 lines in total) on the same graph. The Y value for each line is between 0 and 100 but the X axis is different for each line.
The problem is that the "hold on" function is not working. I think the reason is that I am using different x axis values for each data set.
The output of my code is just the graph of the 5 rois for the last patient (patient_Plan3).
Any ideas how to fix this?
Here is my code:
Note: DVHxAccum and DVHyAccum are 5x1 cells each containing the data that I want to plot.
patient_PlanNames={patient_Plan1, patient_Plan2, patient_Plan3};
hold on;
roiName = { 'Contralateral_Lung', 'rPTV', 'nonGTVLUNG', 'CTV', 'Ipsilateral_Lung'};
axis([0 7500 0 110]);
markers = {'-','.','--'};
Color={'c','m','b','r','g', 'k'};
for j=totPatient_PlanNum
planDir = strcat('O:\WorkstationDB\',patient_PlanNames{j});
[DVHxAccum DVHyAccum] = getDVHAccum(planDir, roiName);
for i = 1:length(roiName)
plot(DVHxAccum{i}, DVHyAccum{i}, [markers{j} Color{i}],'LineWidth',1);

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Mohsen il 22 Apr 2014
I found it:
for j=totPatient_PlanNum
should be changed to
for j=1:totPatient_PlanNum

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 21 Apr 2014
The "hold" applies to a specific axes control, and you don't have one yet. You're calling hold on before there's even any axes to hold. Try calling it after you call plot for the first time.
if i == 1
hold on;
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Mohsen il 22 Apr 2014
Modificato: Mohsen il 22 Apr 2014
Thank you for the offer but I am using patient data that I am not allowed to share due to privacy policies. Sorry about that!
Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 22 Apr 2014
You can make up some data then, just have it be in the same format.

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