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Embedded MATLAB C-code generation error

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Arza il 12 Feb 2011
Hello all,
I am doing embedded C-Code generation using Embedded Matlab coder. I tried the Simulink Real-Time Workshop demo:
Demos>Simulink > Real-Time Workshop > Application Samples > Embeddable C-Code Generation Using Embedded MATLAB Coder
However after running:
emlc -T rtw:exe -o rtwdemo_emlcsobel rtwdemo_emlcmain.m stdio.h
I got the error:
??? Build error: Build failed for project "main_rtw". See the target build log for further details.
Error in ==> main Line: 1 Column: 1
Compilation failed: Open error report.
The file main.c was generated. I am using Matlab R2008a and Visual C++ 2008 express edition. It should be mentioned that in order to configure Visual C++ 2008 express compiler with my 64 bit Matlab I used the following files:

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Sebastian il 14 Feb 2011
Release 2009a is the first one that officially supports the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition on Windows 64bit for Embedded MATLAB:
So my recommendation would be use a newer MATLAB version so that the VC 2008 Express Edition is supported. In that case, please also have a look at note 6 on the page mentioned above.

Arza il 14 Feb 2011
Thanks Sebastian,
It should be mentioned that before configuring my Matlab using the files in following link:
No installed compiler was located after running mex –setup.
However after doing what was mentioned in the readme file, the Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition was located successfully and mexopts.bat was updated.
Do you mean even if the Visual C++ 2008 Express is located by mex –setup, it does not work properly?
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Sebastian il 15 Feb 2011
I don't know what exactly is done in the FileExchange solution that you mentioned. However, our developer have qualified and tested Embedded MATLAB only against the external C compiler listed on the page that I posted earlier. So if "mex -setup" did not show a compiler, then most likely because your compiler is not officially supported for that release of MATLAB.

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