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finding co-ordinates after spline smoothing curve fit

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I have a set data points. The base axis varies from 1:512. For x values between 40 to 55, there is no data available and the data at other points is not uniform. I have applied curve fitting using smoothing spline and then plotted it on an image with base as 1:512. So visually it fills those absent points but when i see the co-efficients of the fit, It doesn't include points where the data was not available. Is there any way to get those points? I am stuck here for several days. any help would be highly appreciated. I tried my best to explain the problem. If its not clear i can explain again.


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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 27 Apr 2014
See my spline demo.

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Karthik Karri
Karthik Karri on 28 Apr 2014
Thanks bro. Trying to implement it after a few modifications and let you know how it works. Thanks!!

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