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Create plot with orthonormal axis

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Philippe il 2 Mag 2014
Risposto: Hugo il 7 Mag 2014
I would like to plot a Nyquist impedance spectra in orthonormal axis. I can't find the command that would allow me to do so automatically. I would also like that the graph keeps beeing in orthonormal axis even if I resize by hand the window in which it is plot, for fitting with my output figure (e.g. for a file dedicated to a journal publication) Could you help me ? Thanks

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Hugo il 7 Mag 2014
Maybe you can solve this by setting the axes property 'DataAspectRatio' to a specific value. For example:
Here, gca is the handle of the current axes, and the vector [1,1,1] indicates that you want all axes to have the same scale in the screen. You can resize the window manually but it will always retain the same relation between the axes.
Hope this helps.

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek il 2 Mag 2014
Modificato: Azzi Abdelmalek il 2 Mag 2014
Use nyquist function
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Philippe il 7 Mag 2014
Thanks for your answer but the problem with this function, as far as understood the help and my unsuccesful atempts to use it, is that it uses a model as input. But, what I need is a function that plot experimental data. Therefore, I need a function which accept a table or columns of table as input. So if anyone could help me... Thanks by advance.

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