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Why do I get an error 'undefined function initprintexporttemplate' when creating a figure using GUIDE?

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After Installing the Instrument Control Toolbox, the GUIDE command results in an error Reproduction Steps %%%BEGIN CODE%%% >>guide %%%END CODE%%% Errors: ??? Error using ==> figure Undefined function or method 'initprintexporttemplate' for input arguments of type 'double'. Error in ==> dialog at 85 hDialog = figure('BackingStore' ,backstore , ... Error in ==> guidetemplate at 25 hDialog = dialog('Name', title,'visible','off','position',[0, 0, size.width, size.height]); Error in ==> guide at 69 guidetemplate; Warning: PrintTemplate has not been initialized properly > In dialog at 85 In guidetemplate at 25 In guide at 69

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Swati Tiwari
Swati Tiwari il 18 Gen 2011
Every time a file from matlabroot/toolbox is changed, added, or removed , it is necessary to execute the following command at the MATLAB command prompt to update the files and classes.
rehash toolboxcache

Angus il 20 Apr 2011
I believe the problem cited is because of a ZIP file in the same folder. Is it possible that you have downloaded a ZIP from the ML File Exchange? If so, Try relocating or deleting the ZIP... this worked for me.


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