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I dont see an error

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dusan il 26 Giu 2014
Risposto: Ajay Pherwani il 26 Giu 2014
I dont see an error, but there is one?
display([' Nif = 'num2str(Nif,'% 10.2f') ' [-]']);

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico il 26 Giu 2014
I would strongly suggest you learn to use commas.
display([' Nif = ',num2str(Nif,'% 10.2f'),' [-]'])
They make your code more readable. They also make your code work.
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dusan il 26 Giu 2014
Thanks. I`m just tired, it sliped my mind.

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Ajay Pherwani
Ajay Pherwani il 26 Giu 2014
display([' Nif = ',num2str(Nif,'% 10.2f') ' [-]']);
missing a ,(comma) after ' Nif = '


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