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How can i order a clock block (or other linea block) to start at a specified time in simulink?

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Hi guys I have a model with two different timelines. I defined these timelines with two clock blocks. Both blocks would start at simulation start time. I want one of them to start at a different time. What can I do?
I tried both enable and trigger subsystems both nothing happened.

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A Jenkins
A Jenkins il 1 Lug 2014
Do you just want a "clock" block that starts at a non-zero time? Use a ramp block.
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Siavash il 1 Lug 2014
Thanks for the answer but I need to calculate the desired t time during simulation. I can not give an external value to ramp block as an initial value. Can I do this for any other kind of block?
A Jenkins
A Jenkins il 1 Lug 2014
Modificato: A Jenkins il 1 Lug 2014
Build your own Ramp with an Integrator Block? This gives the same answer as above. It uses the external reset = 'level' for the integrator to hold it off until the condition becomes true.
(Another option is to recreate the ramp block. Just right-click on it and select "Mask->Look Under Mask" to see how it works.)

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