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How can a create uitable with dynamic columns?

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Febin Benjamin
Febin Benjamin il 8 Lug 2014
Commentato: Jan il 12 Lug 2014
I want to allow user to enter the total number of columns and then when the user will click 'submit' button, below I will get a table with user-specified number of columns. Can this be achieved in Matlab?
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Jan il 12 Lug 2014
I've deleted the duplicate question. Please post question only once.

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Vijay Nahar
Vijay Nahar il 8 Lug 2014
You could create a GUI using GUIDE. Use an edit box for the user to input a number for the rows and another edit box for the columns. Then use a pushbutton to extract the information and set up the table. The numbers can be extracted from the edit boxes by using:
The table can then be set using uitable. Check matlab help for correct syntax for uitable.
This code must be within the pushbutton callback, so it is activated when the pushbutton is pressed.

Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng il 8 Lug 2014
I would check out the function uitable()


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