How do I check if a value is a correct color?

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Whether there is a function like
logical = isvalidcolor(value)
to check if some value may be used like a color (one of values specified in ColorSpec e.g.)

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 16 Jul 2014
Not that I'm aware of - there's just not that much need - though you could write one if you want.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 30 Jul 2014
You could do something like
message = sprintf('%s is an invalid color. Please use r, g, b, y, m, c, k, or w', theirColor);

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Tommy on 6 Dec 2015
Edited: Tommy on 6 Dec 2015
Once I needed this function to suppress error messages, by setting wrong color values to MATLAB default. I used:
function logical_out = iscolor( color )
color = lower(color);
logical_out=(isnumeric(color) && (sum(size(color)==[1 3])==2 || ...
sum(size(color)==[3 1])==2) && sum((color<=[1 1 1] & ...
color>=[0 0 0]))==3) || sum(strcmpi({'y','m','c','r','g','b','w','k',...
Hope this helps.

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Paul Wintz
Paul Wintz on 20 Aug 2021
In Matlab 2020b and later, use the validatecolor function.

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