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How can I have thicker axis lines on only certain values using surfc?

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I'm using surfc to plot a 42x42 graph, which is then viewed from the top down. There is a meaningful difference between every 7 values, and as such I would like the x and y axis lines to be thicker for every 7th value (i.e. 7,14,21,28...). This would create a 7x7 grid within the 42x42. Is there an easy way to do this?

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Ben11 on 28 Jul 2014
Edited: Ben11 on 28 Jul 2014
Here is a simple way, drawing line objects at evenly spaced locations on your axis. I generate a dummy 2D plot but you can do the same with your surfc plot:
x = 1:15*pi; % dummy data to plot
A = 0:7:42; % generate regularly spaced values.
xlim = get(gca,'XLim'); % get axis x limits
ylim = get(gca,'YLim'); % get axis y limits
hold all
for k = 1:7 % number of lines
line('XData',[A(k) A(k)],'YData',[ylim(1) ylim(2)],'LineWidth',1.5);% vertical lines
line('XData',[xlim(1) xlim(2)],'YData',[A(k) A(k)],'LineWidth',1.5); %
set(gca,'XLim',[0 42],'YLim',[0 42],'XTick',0:7:42,'YTick',0:7:42);
hold off
This results is the following:
Hope that helps! Note that you can also use
grid on
to visualize dotted gridlines.
If it's not what you meant please ask!

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