How can I enhance the image resolution?

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I use the "imread" command to read an image from the file. The result is a two-dimensional matrix with M rows and N columns. For example my image has M = 2505 and N = 2713 by default. But I would like to decide the number of sample in which the image will be divided. Is it possible to set the M and N values, which will represent the image?
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Patrik Ek
Patrik Ek on 28 Jul 2014
There is some support for resampling in matlab. Eg resample it could be worth if the resolution is important

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Accepted Answer

Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng on 28 Jul 2014
Edited: Joseph Cheng on 28 Jul 2014
Your question seems a bit confusing or misguided. You are saying you have 2505 by 2713 image file (lets just say *.bmp, *.jpg, *.tif, etc.)and you are trying to open it as a 5010 by 5426 as an example or magnification for enhancement? Then you would want to try imresize() that is used in the image processing toolbox.
I = imread('circuit.tif');
J = imresize(I,[100 150]);
figure, imshow(J)
However you'll not get more data out of it for an enhancement of the resolution of the data. You'll have to take the image at a higher resolution. imresize will interpolate the data with different interpolation methods. in the documentation imresize will use the nearest neighbor interpolation to come up with the new image.
Elena on 29 Jul 2014
The command "imresize" solved my problem! Thank you very much!

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Ben11 on 28 Jul 2014
Edited: Ben11 on 28 Jul 2014
Yes you can. You can select the range of pixels like this:
A = imread('peppers.png');
size(A) % get the size of your image, in your case its 2505x2713
ans =
384 512 3
B = A(100:300,200:400,:); % select the part of the image you want to display. Note that it does not increase the resolution though.
Giving this:
Is this what you meant?
Anindya Banerjee
Anindya Banerjee on 18 Sep 2018
@ben11 can you please tell me how you assigned the numbers to select the parts to be displayed?? ( B = A(100:300,200:400,:) )

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