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Turn of slider switch automatically

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Khoa Tran
Khoa Tran il 25 Ago 2021
Commentato: Khoa Tran il 25 Ago 2021
hi everyone, so i am building an traffic light simulink. The first image is my state-flow chart
When the pedestrian button is pressed, then the traffic light will be like this (second image).
but when the traffic light goes to green again, the pedestrian button is still on, how can i turn it off? can anyone show me how to do this? (third image)

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Jonas il 25 Ago 2021
Use a push button instead of a slider switch.

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stozaki il 25 Ago 2021
The Slider Switch button does not automatically switch ON / OFF.
A user switches ON / OFF with a mouse click. Therefore, even if the color of the lamp is switched, the Slider Switch will not turn on.



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