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Change legend line position

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abu il 26 Ago 2021
Risposto: Alex Alex il 27 Ago 2021
I have the following situation with my legend:
x = 1:10;
y1 = rand(10,1);
y2 = rand(10,1);
l=legend(['blue1' newline 'blue2' newline 'blue3'], ...
['orange1' newline 'orange2' newline 'orange3'], ...
'Orientation','horizontal', 'Location', 'northoutside');
Now I have a legend where I see the line on the left side of my text. However, I wish to have my lines on top of the text. As a visual:
now: text text
-------- text -------- text
text text
I wish: -------- --------
text text
text text
text text
Is it possible to change the arrangement of text and line or to shift the lines to a new position?
Thanks in advance,

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Alex Alex
Alex Alex il 27 Ago 2021




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