matlab program for metal

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shiv gaur
shiv gaur on 30 Aug 2021
Commented: shiv gaur on 31 Aug 2021
pl code in matlab transfer matrix method

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 Aug 2021
MATLAB Answers is not a facility for anyone to place requests to have someone code up research papers (or homework assignments) -- not for free and not for pay.
MATLAB Answers is a facility to assist people with using MATLAB and other related Mathworks products -- to help them understand messages that the software is giving; to help them understand the meaning of various parts of Mathworks products; to help them find information in the documentation; to help them find functions and parts of the language that they did not know about. We also often help people debug problems with their code.
We do not write code for people -- not unless the code is quite short and does not involve much research.
If you have a need for particular code for research purposes, your options include:
  • Use your in-university consulting services
  • Hire a student to write the program
  • Hire a consultant to write the program
  • Find an on-line service that offers people who write programs for payment
  • Hire Mathworks consulting service
  • Write the code yourself. When you encounted error messages you do not understand or do not know where to look in the documentation for some particular idea, then you can post here what you have accomplished so-far and a description of the problem, and someone might volunteer to give some advice that will allow you to proceed further.
  • Write to the authors of the paper and ask them to send their existing code, and either use it in whatever programming language it is currently in, or translate their existing code into MATLAB (one of the ways listed above)
Posting a research paper here and asking someone to please write the code for it is not an acceptable option.
shiv gaur
shiv gaur on 31 Aug 2021
nothing else this is the plat form for coperation

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