Cannot dereference iterator at end of result set! ROS2

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I have error: Cannot dereference iterator at end of result set!
This seems to be a error caused due to rosbag segmention.
YAML file
version: 4
storage_identifier: sqlite3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_0.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_1.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_2.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_3.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_4.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_5.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_6.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_7.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_8.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_9.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_10.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_11.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_12.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_13.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_14.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_15.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_16.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_17.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_18.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_19.db3
- lidar_2021-08-23_11-42-50_20.db3
nanoseconds: 646857706117
Blue Bird
Blue Bird on 21 Mar 2023
I had exactly the same problem. Please tell me how you could solve it eventually.
I can use the bagreader to retrieve all the messages with readMessages(bagreader).
However, if I use
subset ="Topic","/report_timer")
I will get
>> readMessages(subset,1)
Cannot dereference iterator at end of result set!
>> readMessages(subset,2)
Cannot increment result iterator beyond result set!

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