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How to specify the color of this contourf plot?

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I'm trying to plot the landmask (logical 0 or 1) using a uniform color. Below is my code:
% Turning the landmask from logical to numerical.
M = NaN(landmask);
M(landmask) = 1;
[C1, h1] = m_contourf (X, Y, M, [1, 1]); %This is the contour I need help with.
hold on
% another contourf plot:
[C2, h2] = m_contourf (X, Y, Z2, [-5:1:45], 'LineStyle', 'none' );
caxis([0 45]);
How do I specify the color of the first contour to a uniform color of [0.7 0.7 0.7]?
I tried the below and it did not work.
[C1, h1] = m_contourf (X, Y, M, [1, 1], 'color', [0.7 0.7 0.7] );
Right now, its color is basically dictated by the "caxis([0 45])" command the same way as the 2nd contourf plot.

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Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson il 3 Set 2021
Maybe you can avoid the problem by using fill or patch by extracting the coordinates of the perimeters of the landmask?
Something like this:
[C1, h1] = m_contourf (X, Y, M, [1, 1]);
i1 = 1;
i2 = C1(2,i1);
idxPatch = 1;
while i1 < size(C1,2)
i2 = C1(2,i1);
i1 = i1+1;
hF(idxPatch) = fill(C1(1,i1:(i1+i2-1)),C1(2,i1:(i1+i2-1)),[0.7 0.7 0.7]);
hold on
idxPatch = idxPatch + 1; % yeah, yeah, dynamically growing hF but too much work to find out how many fields in landmask...
i1 = i2+i1;
Now you should've replaced the contour-patches with regular patches where you can controll the colour directly (in my matlab-version there's no obvious color or facecolor property of the h1).
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Leon il 3 Set 2021
Working now! Thank you so much.

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