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How do I search a Simulink model for a string in all element properties?

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I want to programmatically search for a string in a model such that the results match the usual GUI Finder (Ctrl+F), that is, it returns all instances of that string used in any property. For the example below, SearchString is used in multiple properties (Name, DataStoreName, Value). When I search, all of those are in the results. How do I do this with find_system? It seems like I would have to do this for each property, which is not really feasible considering all the possibilities and the fact that there could be custom properties made by the user.
s = 'SearchString';
sys = gcs;
a = find_system(sys, 'Name', s);
b = find_system(sys, 'DataStoreName', s);
c = find_system(sys, 'Value', s);
d = find_system(sys, 'GotoTag', s;)
allInstances = vertcat(a, b, c, d, ...)

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stozaki il 9 Set 2021
Are you effective the following command?
s = 'SearchString';
sys = gcs;
ret = unique(find_system(sys,'BlockDialogParams',s));

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