Plot part of sphere by binary map.

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sarel aharoni
sarel aharoni on 18 Sep 2021
Commented: sarel aharoni on 20 Sep 2021
Hey i had binary map of aphere's net The map (180x360 matrix for az,el) cover 24% of the sphere and Represents Camera field of view. I want plot the sphere, only where the binary map are true. And where ita false to make no sphere (or sphere with transparency 100%, II add pic of the camera field of view (before make it binary map)

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darova on 19 Sep 2021
What about plot3?
[x,y,z] = sphere(20);
[az,el] = meshgrid(200:5:250,0:5:20);
[x1,y1,z1] = sph2cart(az*pi/180,el*pi/180,1);
surface(x,y,z,'facecolor','none','edgecolor',[1 1 1]/2)
axis equal
sarel aharoni
sarel aharoni on 20 Sep 2021
Hey Yes, i tried... It still plot the nan as black

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