Assign rename of structure with input command

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George on 6 Aug 2014
Commented: George on 7 Aug 2014
I am trying to make some of my scripts a bit more easy to use.I am stuck on the rename option of a structure combined with the input command.
What i would like to have is
file=input('Enter the name .dat e.g. "fname.dat" = ')
S = input('Enter a name for the structure = ...')
S.H1 = A(:,2);
S.H2 = A(:,3);
S.H3 =A(:,4);
Something like that i have but it does not work
how can i finally use the input command in a way that will prompt me and alter the name of the structure?
thank you
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Sara on 6 Aug 2014
Why do you need the user to input the structure name?

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Accepted Answer

Robert Cumming
Robert Cumming on 6 Aug 2014
I also do not advocate the use of eval.
You could use "assignin", e.g.
S.H1 = A(:,2);
S.H2 = A(:,3);
S.H3 = A(:,4);
userName = 'ABC';
assignin ( 'base', userName, S ); this assuigns S to the variable name ABC
or put it in a sub function:
function AssignmentFunction ( S, userName )
assignin ( 'caller', userName, S )
However I cant really think why you want to do this - if you explain in a bit more detail what your end goal is (how are you using these renamed variables) you will get better help...

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Evan on 6 Aug 2014
You could use the eval command to do this, but eval can be problematic and usually should be avoided. If you were fine with using nested structures but keep a constant name for the outer structure, you could do this:
S = input('Enter a name for the structure = ...','s')
outerStruct.(S).H1 = rand
This way, you could avoid creating a variable from the string name but still allow some flexibility in structure naming. It would just be a little less neat looking.
George on 7 Aug 2014
Thank you for the answer that really helped, i am using the structures to store simulation data, for variables locations so the structure rename (a bit automated) will allow me to post process the large amount of data i have and create multiple main structures (with sub-structures inside) for every location and season, with out having to open the scipt and rename them

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Nir Rattner
Nir Rattner on 6 Aug 2014
You can use the “eval” function to effectively convert a string to a variable name:
S=input('Enter a name for the structure = ','s');
eval([S '.H1=A(:,2)']);
That being said, “eval” is almost rarely the best choice because it is inefficient and risky (especially when combined with user input). Without knowing exactly what you are trying to do with the renamed struct, another possibility could be to use a wrapper struct and assign the renamed data as one of its fields:
S=input('Enter a name for the structure = ','s');
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George on 6 Aug 2014
I am trying to store seasonal results from some simulations i have done, each sim has 8 outputs and those 8 are divided in months (each month has 8 variable) and there is an corresponding annual one

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