Evan, if I want to return back

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imola on 7 Aug 2014
Commented: imola on 8 Aug 2014
Dear, If I want to return back again the solution in GA which is string to fife numbers after applying it, suppose this is the string, I want to return the points in their position for example
0028023482100090411607002407264000021081060000000698132 to
[28.234821 , 9.411607 , 24.726400 , 21.810600 , 0.698132] don't forgot I deal with fixed matrix [20,5] and in the future it will be with random population
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Evan on 7 Aug 2014
There is no need to address your question to a single user here. It is absolutely fine to provide a general explanation of your problem for your title, even for follow-up questions like this one.

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Accepted Answer

Evan on 7 Aug 2014
Edited: Evan on 7 Aug 2014
Disclaimer: Not having experience with GAs myself, I can offer something that will make what you're wanting to do work, but I have no knowledge of how convenient, accurate or efficient it will be for your purposes.
s = '0028023482100090411607002407264000021081060000000698132';
m = reshape(s,11,[])';
v = [str2num(m(:,1:4)) + str2num(m(:,6:end))/1e6]';
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imola on 8 Aug 2014
thank you very much Evan that's great

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