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uigridlayout does not recognize 'fit' as parameter for rowheight

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I tried to compile the following line in Matlab R2019a (gl is a uigridlayout component):
gl.RowHeight = {30, 'fit', 'fit'};
The compiler responded with an error that says I can only use numbers or number-x combinations such as {30, '1x'}.
The grid layout is initalized properly, and works when I change the 'fit' to a number of 1x. I also tried this with a whole example app from the MathWorks documentation: Create and Run a Simple Programmatic App. Although I simply copy-pasted it into an empty .m-script, it would not compile.
Could it be that my release version does not support the 'fit'-keyword?

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DGM il 8 Ott 2021

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