Help with signal pulse generation in Simulink

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Sameer on 11 Aug 2014
Commented: Sameer on 14 Aug 2014
Hi, I have a filtered ECG signal which is exhibiting filtered/enhanced R wave peaks. The sampling frequency is 100 Hz, i.e. a sample every 0.01 second. Now all I want with my model is to generate a pulse (amplitude could be unit) every time a peak is peak is detected. Further I want to generate separate signal pulses after a time delay, say 50 mSec, from the first one.
Please see the attached images from the scope. First one shows filtered, but non threshold-ed output, hence some noise at low amplitude level. Second one shows threshold-ed output to eliminate that noise. Third is a snapshot of my model.
A side note, this signal generation has to be real time, i.e. as the peak is getting detected. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 11 Aug 2014
You should be able to build something out of the following blocks:
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Sameer on 14 Aug 2014
Thanks for your suggestion. While I understand the usage of transport delay to induce a time difference, I don't understand how you can use Detect Change and Compare to Constant building blocks to detect peaks. Mind you the peak amplitudes are not constant.

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