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Arrays as input signals for CMEX function

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Rob il 11 Ago 2014
Modificato: Rob il 11 Ago 2014
Hi, I really searched Google, the MATLAB Online Docs and the MATLAB Answers for this, but didn't get any result.
I need to accept a dynamically sized array as input signal for my CMEX SFunction. I copied the example from the ssGetInputPortSignal online description and it just threw an error because of this line:
When I compile, it says:
error C2100: illegal indirection
It gets the width correctly, but fails in accessing the array.. Even if I force the indirection by casting to a double pointer or stuff, MATLAB crashes because of an access violation (of course...). I did not find one single example on how to access elements of an array. Please, please, provide one. It can't be that hard :-P
Thank you very much!!
I changed the code and inserted output and it turns out that every 2n-1 element in the array has the value 0:
const real_T **u1 = (const real_T**) ssGetInputPortSignal(S,1);
for (int i=0;i<(int)ssGetInputPortWidth(S, 1);i++) {
std::cout << u1[i] << "," << std::flush;
std::cout << ")" << std::endl;
u1 width: 10
u1 elements: (00000000,3FF00000,00000000,40000000,00000000,40080000,00000000,40100000,00000000,40140000,)
std::cout << *u1[i]
still gives me the compiler error C2100 or (if I do some tricks to get rid of the compiler error) causes MATLAB to crash...

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