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Failed to Export Simulink Model From R2021a to R2018a

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When I am going to export my simulink model to old version from 2021a to 2018a, the following error message was shown -
"Error running method is export previous.preprocess.Simscape Electrical Blocks: (physmod:powersys:library:Export Previous_Version) Export to previous version does not support Specialized Power Systems blocks from Simscape Electrical."
I have also not able to install R2021a update 5 separately from the websites. This is one of the major disadvantage of the latest verison of matlab which is not expected.
Any idea to shortout this is problem is highly appreciated.

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Kshitij Chhabra
Kshitij Chhabra il 13 Ott 2021
Hi, from my understanding you are trying to export your Simscape R2021a model to R2018a. As a result of library re-structuring in R2021a, some blocks have been moved from their libraries or moved to other sub-libraries, therefore export of models to prevoious versions is not supported. You can check the Release Notes for more information.
As a workaround, you can try rebuilding your model from a MATLAB version of R2020b or before and exporting to your desired version
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Souarv De
Souarv De il 13 Ott 2021
Thanks Kshitij for your response. But rebuilding the same model in R2020b is a naive options as it again take lot of time to rebuild all the stuff from scartch. That's really very inconvenient things.

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