I get bad resolution when saving my plot with filled circles as .pdf or .eps

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Even though the plot looks okay when shown in MATLAB, the filled circles seem to lose their resolution when I save them. To see the difference, please open the saved PDF or EPS file. Thank you for your advice.
The code:
clear all, close all
sysX = 30; sysY = 30;
xyb = [5 +1j*5 , 5+1j*15 , 5+1j*25, ...
15+1j*5 , 15+1j*15 , 15+1j*25, ...
25+1j*5 , 25+1j*15 , 25+1j*25];
xym = sysX*rand(1,18);
fig = 0;
fig = fig + 1; figure(fig);
for i = 1:length(xyb),
plot(xyb(i),'ko'), axis([0 sysX 0 sysY]), hold on
xlabel('Unit 1');
ylabel('Unit 2');
legend('Type 1','Type 2','Location','North','Orientation','Horizontal');
filenameStrEps = 'testFigure.eps';
filenameStrPdf = 'testFigure.pdf';

Answers (1)

Ben11 on 16 Aug 2014
You might want to use print instead of save, and set the resolution to something acceptable to you:
print(gcf, '-dpdf', '-r600', filenameStrPdf)

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