Import Data from Simulink Model into Gui

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Hello, im trying to get Simulink data into my GUI. I have no problem to control my Simulink-Model via the set_param command. My Simulink model sends data from subsystem via outport/inport-block into a sink (display or scope).
The Data is a simple counter starting @ 1. Now i want to catch this data and connect it with my GUI to show it in statictext field.
I failed to use the get_param: get_param('Model/Out1','...') because there is no parameter which provides me with the counter information.
I googled a lot and found add_exec_event_listener.I integraded the listener to the simstart button, so if the listener registeres, the simulation is already running. but it doesnt work:
blk = 'test/In1';
event = 'PostOutputs';
listener = @updategui;
h = add_exec_event_listener(blk, event, listener);
after that i thouight i can simply update the edittext via:
set(handles.text,'h')% code
You see i am stuck using this command. I also dont know if i can register a listener to a Inport or a Sink. Can you please help me? Thomas
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Mina As
Mina As on 21 May 2016
I'm trying to get gui data into my simulink but i dont know how,anyone knows?

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A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 21 Aug 2014
There is a good example on the File Exchange that you can download to learn how to do it.
There is also a discussion here.

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