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Leora on 26 Aug 2014
Commented: Leora on 26 Aug 2014
Use a linspace command or colon operator to create a vector with 91 elements and define the function y=[e^(t/10)sin(t)]/(t^2 +1)
Plot the function y in black and include a title with the expression for y
Make the same plot again but rather than displaying the graph as a curve, show the unconnected data points. To display them in small circles use plot(t,y,'o') and combine it by using plot(t,y,'o-')
I tried to do it and this is my code but for some odd reason it is just a straight line parallel to the x axis (not even a line just small black points, I even tried suppressing the plot(t,y,'o') amd plot(t,y,'o-') but it just won't give me a curve just data points in a straight 'line':
t=linspace(1,10,91); y=(exp(t/10).*sin(t))/(t.^2+1); figure plot(t,y,'k-') title('plot by Leora') plot(t,y,'o') plot(t,y,'-o')

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Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford on 26 Aug 2014
You need to put a dot on the division symbol:
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Leora on 26 Aug 2014
Oh wow I feel stupid, thank you!

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