How to make a kind of memory in simulink?

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Marcel Been
Marcel Been on 27 Aug 2014
Commented: Marcel Been on 27 Aug 2014
Hello everybody,
I'm trying to make a model in simulink. This model have to simulate the outcoming flow of fluid from a tank. The flow is a variable, so in time it will and can be change (slider).
My problem is: I don't know how to built this kind of 'memory' in simulink. The new volume in the tank and the passed time have to set in a 'memory', so the same model can be used over en over again, in stead of building a model with dozen of 'copies', to simulate the process.
The example is attachment, it will show you how i've done it right now, but it isn't what i want. It's to complicated.
I hope somebody knows an answer/hint/trick or something to built a kind of memory for this problem.

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Iain on 27 Aug 2014
There are "memory" and integrator blocks built into simulink....
Marcel Been
Marcel Been on 27 Aug 2014
I've tried, but it is not what i mean and need for my model.
I'll try to explane what's my problem.
  • The begin volume = 30,000 litre.
  • A slider will change the outcoming flow, this flow need to be change while the simulation is running.
  • The simulationtime is for example 500 seconds.
  • After 10 seconds the valve will open, the slider selects an outcoming flow of 100 litre/second
  • 40 seconds later the outcoming flow will change to 250 litre/second
  • this action shall repeat for another 10 times (everytime a different flow)
  • I need a 'MEMORY' to remember the last volume, before changing the flow. Otherwise simulink use the new flow and multiplies it with the time.
  • Also the flow has to be change while the simulation is running.
  • I only want: 1 slider for controling the flow
Hopefully i made my problem any clearer. And i hope there is a sollution for this problem.

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