Using the "display()" command from a "Matlab Function Block" in simulink?

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i am trying to use the "display()" command in simulink by simply creating a "Matlab function block" and just writing the display command in it.
i get the following error :
"Undefined function or variable 'display'.
Function 'Bit Generation/MATLAB Function' (#182.47.57), line 3, column 1: "display(u)" "
i understand that not all matlab functions can be called from the Matlab function block. kindly tell me how to do what i am trying to do regards khurram

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A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 8 Sep 2014
Use disp() instead.
A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 8 Sep 2014
Edited: A Jenkins on 8 Sep 2014
It depends on when you want the code to run and how you plan to trigger it.
Go to "File->Model Properties" and select Callbacks and you will see different model actions that can trigger code to run. For example, put m-code in the "StartFcn" and it will run once at the start.
You can also try using the Interpreted MATLAB Function block, or just the plain Fcn block.
There are other ways to trigger by setting up events and listeners, but they are significantly more effort.

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