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How to reduce number of entries in legend

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xplore29 il 15 Set 2014
Risposto: Hikaru il 16 Set 2014
I am plotting 9 curves from the following 9 vectors.
r_t1 , g_t1 , b_t1 r_t2 , g_t2 , b_t2 r_t3 , g_t3 , b_t3
My color choice is r---red g---green b---blue
and marker is
t1 ---- '+', t1 ---- '*', t1 ---- 'o'
So instead of having '9' entries in legend, I want only 6. 3 indicating r,g,b and 3 indicating t1,t2,t3
How can i do this?

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Hikaru il 16 Set 2014
I don't really understand the specifics here, but you could choose which plot to display in the legend if you have the handles.
For example.
figure, hold all
r1 = plot(0:9,1:10,'-r')
g1 = plot(0:9,1:2:20,'-g')
b1 = plot(0:9,2:3:30,'-b')
legend([r1 g1],{'Red','Green'}) % will display only 2 entries in the legend

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