How to use add_block function to add a new block into the subsystem?

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i just create a new Library which called Steuergeraet in Simulink.In this Libray there is two block, SG1(Subsytem) and DC_DC.
Here is the code, with which I want to add the Block DC_DC into SG1.
'Position', [140 50 270 125]);
set_param(gcb, 'LinkStatus', 'inactive');
But there is error in third line.
A new block named '/SG1/DC_DC' cannot be added
Really aprreciate, someone can give some suggestion.!

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A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 19 Sep 2014
Perhaps you need to unlock the libaray?
set_param('library_name', 'Lock', 'off');
I can't test it right now, but library_name might be 'Steuergeraet', or perhaps 'Steuergeraet/DC_DC'?
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wang on 19 Sep 2014
set_param(gcb, 'LinkStatus', 'inactive');
this command was used to disable the libray link.otherwise can not put or change the block in the subsystem.

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