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How to solve this equation S= integrate(​(1-2*x).^2​)./((x-x.^​2).^2)) dt

Asked by Avan Al-Saffar on 25 Sep 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Alberto
on 25 Sep 2014
I want to solve this integration for time where t= 0:1

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By the way, you should check the variables in your function, and the integration variable. I assumed dt really meant dx to you.

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1 Answer

Answer by Alberto
on 25 Sep 2014

This is how you should try:
syms x
f=((1-2*x).^2)/( (x-x.^2).^2 )
ans =
2*log(x - 1) - 2*log(x) + (2*x - 1)/(- x^2 + x)
ans =


Dear Alberto
Many thanks but I want to ask you if you noticed that I want to integrate for (t) not for (x) !
I've notices, i just thought it was a typo. Do this then:
syms x t
f=((1-2*x).^2)/( (x-x.^2).^2 )
ans =
(2*x - 1)^2/(x - x^2)^2

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