Multiplying panels using a spinner

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Georgiana Cristea
Georgiana Cristea il 19 Ott 2021
Risposto: Mario Malic il 20 Ott 2021
I am currently trying to multiply the numbers of panels shown in App designer using a spinner. For example, if the spinner value is two, i want two panels on top of each other to be shown. I also want if possible to switch through them using a forward button and a backwards button.
I will post a picture of my app.
Thank you in advance for helping!
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Georgiana Cristea
Georgiana Cristea il 20 Ott 2021
Yes, this would work too!

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Mario Malic
Mario Malic il 20 Ott 2021
You can do that using the Value property of the Spinner component and SelectedTab property of the GroupTab component.
SelectedTab accepts Tab object, and to get that you can use Children component of the TabGroup. Make sure your spinner is in range of children objects (number of tabs)
% Spinner callback
function SpinnerValueChangedFcn(source,event)
app.GroupTab.SelectedTab = app.GroupTab.Children(event.Value);


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